I was born in Rome, in 1965, and have always been drawn to all forms of artistic expression within the Visual Arts.

Over the years, my passion has led me to travel extensively throughout Italy and all of Europe; as I feel it is better to become more knowledgeable and to come to appreciate fine works of art shown in major museums and international exhibitions.

After years of my “visual education”, I discovered Photography to be a more appropriate genre in which to express my personality. My photography is indeed, a path of continual improvement, in that, the aesthetic of beauty merges with spirituality, and the search for one’s own self. I especially love abstract landscapes; I find harmony and perfect balance in this type of art-work.

I like to think of the act, of publishing a new photo, as deceptively separative- the new photo acquiring its own soul- its own autonomous entity separate from the emotional life of its creator.

In recent years, I have met numerous talented photographers online; many of whom have taught me a great deal, along with discovering several new things about myself, through my own work in Photography. Meeting new people and profound, new discoveries through communication has been a journey-

A journey which is always in motion and always down the path of continual improvement.


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