cabin rocky beach

abin rocky beach-EDOARDO GOBATTONI
This is a cabin in the rocky beach of Apulia in Santa Maria di Leuca, which was used in the early years of the last century by wealthy families. Are commonly called “bagnarole” and buildings are typical only of this place. The owners of the wonderful nineteenth century villas, were built on the nearby rocks these bagnarole, who were of the dressing masonry that hid inside a tub carved into the rock and connected directly to the sea. The bagnarole served not only to swim away from prying eyes, but also to protect from exposure to sunlight. During the Belle Epoque, in fact, no one was willing to expose themselves to the sun because they wanted to keep it even in summer the winter pale complexion, since the tan was considered inelegant. Every family, owner of the villa, generally had his bagnarola stone or wood. That stone which could be circular or hexagonal, reproducing the architectural style and the colors of the villa belonging. That wood had various forms, but generally square or rectangular.

The double helix staircase

The double helix staircase
The double helix staircase shown in this photo is in use in the Vatican Museum for visitors to exit the museum and was designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932, inspired by the revolutionary spiral staircase designed by Donato Bramante in 1512 for Pope Julius II to connect the Belvedere Palace of Innocent VIII to the city.