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More is Less in Afghanistan

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The Law of Diminishing Returns


West Kabul, Afghanistan, 1995


Recently General McChrystal was quoted as saying that Marjah in Helmand Province is a bleeding ulcer.  McChrystal is under pressure from every side to produce better, faster, and more effective results.  We have more troops in Afghanistan than we have ever had, and yet the security situation continues to deteriorate.  Many don’t know what the mission is and wonder how they will know when the mission is “accomplished.”


Nangahar, Afghanistan 1989



Kabul, Afghanistan, 1995


As much as outsiders have tried to create the country in their own image, Afghanistan  has been able to absorb the blows of superpowers and remain essentially the same. The interesting thing  is that the people trying to change it often change more than the country does even after Herculean efforts of well-meaning governments, NGO’s, and coalitions.


Uzbek fighters, Kabul, Afghanistan, 1992


AFGHN-12759NF Afghan Mujahadeen with surface to…

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Gran Zebrù


The Königspitze (Italian: Gran Zebrù; German: Königspitze) is a mountain in the Ortler Alps on the border between South Tyrol and the Province of Sondrio, Italy. It is the second highest peak in the Ortler Alps, at 3,859 meters, following Ortler.The mountain was first climbed on August 3, 1864.The mountain can be dangerous in warm weather, when the snow and ice can become unstable. The worst day for climbing fatalities occurred on August 5, 1997, when seven were killed in two separate accidents. On June 23, 2013, six were killed, also in two separate accidents. The top of the mountain Königsspitze is second from the left covered by clouds. I made this panoramic photo by merging three single shots.

between heaven and earth

960-between heaven and earth - EDOARDO GOBATTONI

perennial glacier #2

perennial glacier #2

perennial glacier

perennial glacier

clouds’s volcano

960-clouds's volcano - EDOARDO GOBATTONI


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